CFDAdvanced Review – Why Should You Choose It?

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Trading has been there for years, but online trading has gained popularity in recent years. Online trading is not at all possible without the service of a broker. With the guidance of a broker, you can achieve huge profits. But the main thing is how to find a good broker? In the online world, there are several trust issues, especially from the customer’s side. A solution for that is to see the reviews; after reading reviews, you may find it uncomplicated to select a broker. This review is about CFDAdvanced; here, I will be highlighting the reasons why this trading firm is one of the most trusted firms out there in the trading business. This CFDAdvanced review may help you to make better decisions about your broker selection. CFDAdvanced is not just a firm of words, but what they say, they apply. Broker selection is one of the most critical decisions before starting your trading business. If you are still not sure about CFDAdvanced, no worries, as this CFDAdvanced review may make it easier for you to remain with the decision of selecting CFDAdvanced instead of any other broker.

In recent years, not just experienced traders but the ones with zero experience are also diving into this business. The reason for that is nothing but the fact that investing some and gaining much is what everyone wants. Online trading and online brokers have made it pretty easier for newcomers to try their luck here in the trading business.

CFDAdvacnced is not just a firm that allows people to trade, but it also guides how to do it.

Guide in a sense that they have different sections of education on their website platform. In that section, they have guided the ones who are there to learn about online trading. Apart from their unstoppable service of 24 hours a day and six days a week, they have an FAQ section as well where the clients can find solutions to their confusions.

This CFDAdvanced review will cover all those essential features that the firm is offering you. Many brokers provide several services; the same goes for CFDAdvanced. But of course, in this CFDAdvanced review, I cannot cover all of them. Surely in this review, traders will get to know about the services they exactly want in a broker. Let’s read out some of them.

CFDAdvanced – A Platform with Outstanding Features

The trading platform that a broker provides is an essential feature. Traders and brokers communicate over the internet in the online trading market. In these situations, the platform given by the brokerage firm to the trader has dominant importance. The reputation of each business is determined by the platform it provides. In the online world, the platform is the most important factor.

CFDAdvanced is a web-based platform, which already has excellent benefits, and one of them is that there is no requirement of installing and downloading the software. It would be best if you have a stable internet connection and a device on which you can do trading, which can be a PC, Laptop, or even a Mobile. You will witness a flawless experience through the platform. The interactive graphical user interface of the platform also keeps the customer attracted to CFDAdvanced and makes it way easier to use this easy-to-use web-based platform.

You can trade through CFDAdvanced in any part of the world. Moreover, problems of communication come across to people because they cannot cope with the language, but here on CFDAdvanced, the three of the most spoken languages are offered. They are English, Dutch, and French.

The brokerage firm takes care of its users in terms of security. It has made every possible effort to protect customers’ security and identity. The company never compromises on users’ security protection. You will realize the outstanding functions of CFDAdvanced after getting registered with the brokerage firm.

CFDAdvanced has also implemented two security measures to ensure the safety of its client’s money and information. No one is allowed to sign up and earn on the platform unless they follow these policies. KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) are the two most important policies. The platform verifies the traders’ identities by implementing the KYC policy. As confirmation of identity, the traders provide photographs of their ID cards. AML policy works similarly, but for a different reason. It is in place to prevent money laundering as well as the financing of terrorists.

Transparency can be one of the significant features or distinctive quality because of which you can rely on a brokerage firm. Also, Platform’s assistance in trading instruments like indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and foreign exchange is commendable.

On CFDAdvanced, you will get to know every market trend. You will not need the requirements of a guide out of the firm to tell you the most up-to-date ups and downs of the financial market. You can get every recent news essential for you to know as a trader to gain more and lose less.

One of the most dominant factors of this firm is that they don’t charge on any withdrawal. They only charge 2% of the initial deposit you made at the time of registration. This is what you won’t see in any other brokerage firm. Also, as explained earlier, this firm has a tremendous regulatory status, because of which you wouldn’t see some new policies coming up on your screen or any additional charge or fees to worry you in any sense, this firm will never make use of you like that because they are professional with same fantastic customer care services.

All of this aside, what disturbs the mind of the customers is security issues. CFDAdvanced has implemented some exceptional security protocols which each user needs to fulfill. Those requirements should be fulfilled by the traders, or else their registration remains incomplete, and they cannot make money out of this business, at least here on CFDAdvanced, because they ask for proper documentation, which makes their platform safe from any criminal activities and leakage of information.

Vast Variety of Assets

The most prominent characteristic in CFDAdvanced is the instruments and the asset index they provide to the consumers. There are several traders who want to make a profit out of trading. It is not possible for everyone to invest their money only on one asset. These different choices have made CFDAdvanced deliver the customer with 250+ instruments because of which you can have access to some of the world’s greatest financial markets.

Apart from this advantage, CFDAdvanced also aids customers in trading cryptocurrencies because some hefty profits are made from them. Yet, it is the most profitable and widely traded internet asset in recent years and today also. Many years have passed since the first digital currency was created, and we know it was bitcoin, and now in recent years, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies or coins coming into the market. These currencies don’t just differ in their prices but also in characteristics. CFDAdvanced provides the service to the customer in trading cryptocurrencies such as Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Trading Education and Quick Registration

The brokerage firm will certainly not keep you up to date on the knowledge and education you need to get ahead in this industry. On CFDAdvanced, the situation is a little different. CFDAdvanced platform has a bunch of educational material regarding trading’s basics to the use of artificial intelligence to equip traders with the knowledge they need to have to succeed in this market.

CFDAdvanced’s trading academy is a genuine effort to teach novice traders how to trade. Not just the newcomers but seasoned traders can also take advantage of this opportunity to develop or polish their skills because CFDAdvanced’s syllabus covers all topics that are related to trading. The book contains the importance of FinTech (financial technology) themes. Also, it covers significant pieces such as the financial technology revolution, the fundamentals of trading investment, how to deploy investment funds, and how to trade cryptocurrencies and CFDs.

Along with the academy’s curriculum, other features include the availability of 100+ skilled traders who teach trading and investment in a step-by-step manner to those who are new in this market or even experienced people. Furthermore, the chat feature in the education center is simple to utilize. Moreover, a considerable number of symbols are accessible to facilitate the teaching-learning process.

When it is about registration, people irritate because they think it is a long process that will take time. Well, it may be true in other brokerage firms, but not here on CFDAdvanced. Here you do not need to fill up hundreds of forms, you need to go on the open account option where you will be given a form to fill, and there you will be asked about your name, phone, country, address, and email address that’s it. It is very easy here to register yourself as a trader. The one with zero knowledge will also be able to gain profits after getting registered on CFDAdvanced.

Account Options

As CFDAdvanced cares about customers in every means, so as they do in financial means. CFDAdvanced provides multiple account options to the users so they can work in this business according to their budget and their level of expertise in the trading business.

It is not easy or affordable for everyone to have just one account with particular deposition money and requirement of expertise.

In order to support the newcomers in the trading business and in order to keep the level of trading of seasoned traders, CFDAdvanced has given users multiple account options from where they can gain profits out of the trading business.

The types of accounts they offer are described below:

  • Silver Account

This type of account is the most basic account on CFDAdvanced. When you opt for this account, you can get up to 4 trading sessions in a month, and the deposit money for a silver account is as low as 10,000 Euros. You also get a senior account manager for assistance by opening such an account. Also, you get a 20% bonus on the investment you made to register. The commission fee on every profit is 10%, and the same goes with the initial deposit you made for the registration, and this account type offers a 1:20 leverage.

  • Gold Account

The Gold account’s nature is a bit different from the silver account. If you know the basics of trading, you must go for a Gold account. For registration, you need to deposit 25,000 Euros, and you get a welcome bonus of up to 40%. The leverage on this type of account increases to 1:40. Here a senior account manager will aid you in managing the account. The Gold account holders get daily market reviews and a weekly session too. The commission fee charged by CFDAdvanced is 6%.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account is much more upgraded than the Gold and Silver account. The deposit money is 100,000 Euros to register yourself as a platinum account holder.

There will be an expert broker to assist you in the trade and management of your account; along with it, leverage increases to 1:60. Platinum account holders are charged a fee of 5% of their first deposit by the firm. The Premium trading room, which was previously unavailable in silver and gold accounts, is now available with the Platinum account. A daily market assessment is offered, as well as two to three weekly managed sessions.

  • Diamond Account

This diamond account is explicitly designed for wealthy and experienced traders in order to give them enhanced features and convenience. The minimum investment amount has been raised to 250,000 Euros, and the leverage has been increased to 1:100. Also, a top account manager will be there to guide you in trading. The platform charges only 4% of the initial investment on the diamond account, while the average monthly payment stays at 2.6 percent. Platinum account holders continue to receive additional benefits.

  • VIP Account

The most extensive account is the VIP account, which is only available to VIP traders of the highest level. The minimum investment is 500,000 Euros, with a 1:150 leverage ratio. In order to correctly manage the account, a staff of top account managers is there to assist. The company charges a fee on the VIP account that is 2.5 percent. This package includes a private trading room as well as seven weekly managed sessions.

After determining which account to purchase, the trader must deposit the appropriate amounts to begin earning and making profits as soon as possible.

Customer Care Service by CFDAdvanced

No matter you are a newcomer or a seasoned trader. At some point in time, you will need the assistance of a broker. Likewise, the trader may want to contact the broker in order to solve any issue or for service in the critical decisions of the business. For that, CFDAdvanced has created a customer care center where client’s problems become their problems. They have customer care services for 24 hours a day and six days a week. You can contact them through all the means of communication provided on their website.

Especially as a beginner, you may find it hard to adjust because, in your mind, you have several questions. In order to resolve this issue, there is a page of FAQ (Frequently Asked Queries) on the website with answers to all of the most common and basic questions. However, even then, if you can’t find a solution to your inquiry, there are possible alternatives. If you have a question that is not answered, you may fill out a contact form on the CFDAdvanced website and send it to the broker. As you fill that form out, you will get a solution to your problem.

In order to get in touch with CFDAdvanced in no time for any reason, there are two more methods. The first method is to compose and submit an email to the platform’s official email address, which you can find on the CFDAdvanced official website.

The other option is calling the firm. However, the majority of brokers do not provide contact information, yet on the contrary, CFDAdvanced has provided many contact numbers. The firm is well-known throughout the world for its superior services. This is why its clientele is not restricted to a single geographical place. Its services are currently available in 40+ countries throughout the world. CFDAdvanced has offered five distinct contact numbers, which are operated from five different nations, for its traders’ convenience due to this wide customer circle. It means that if one number becomes unavailable or busy, you have four more possibilities.


These were just the key features of CDFAdvanced. There are a bunch of others that make it a company to be praised. This company cares about the customer’s satisfaction as well as their privacy. They are a helping hand throughout the business and never keep the traders in the dark to earn out of them; rather, they help customers in making profits.