RoyalCBank Review: Can RoyalCBank Be Recommended for a New Trader?


If you are new to the trading world and are just starting your trading career, you have to pay attention to how you pick your broker. A lot of people start trading while paying attention to things that they think are the most important. In reality, your choice of broker matters the most. You can’t make enough money from trading if your broker is not honest with you. If you don’t know, some brokers design their features in a way that they end up with the profit and you end up with only a fraction of what they make on your trades. RoyalCBank, on the other hand, has been known for its dedication to the benefits of its traders.

Traders from around the world are joining its platform at a fast rate. However, a question that constantly comes from the traders is if RoyalCBank is good for new traders. Of course, the trading requirements of new traders are quite different from those of the experienced traders. Let’s look into the reasons that make RoyalCBank one of the best online brokers for anyone who is starting a trading career.

Why RoyalCBank Is Best for New Traders

A Modern and Friendly Trading Platform

RoyalCBank has done an excellent job when it comes to the trading platform. Its trading platform has been designed with the modern traders and their needs in mind. First of all, you can use this platform no matter how much travel. It is compatible with your desktop computers and portable devices. Most importantly, the web version of the software gives you the same perfect experience no matter which device you are on. You can also download the software on your smartphone and more applications as add-ons. You will find everything that you need for trading right within the platform.

It will offer you a user-friendly experience and all the trading tools that you need to make successful trades. From basic charts to technical analysis, your trading platform is complete and comprehensive, and serves all your trading needs.

A Safe Way to Trade

The thing that can scare a lot of traders from this career is fraud. Of course, when you sign up with an online broker, you are not looking at the company physically. You are only looking at a website. Things can be worse if the broker does not have any policies to make your money and information safe. You will not have to worry about those things when you are a trader with RoyalCBank. The broker pays a lot of attention to making the platform safe for you and all the traders from around the world. Your information gets encrypted to ensure no one accesses it without your authorization.

Your money is also protected by the broker through the best industry standards. The money you maintain in your online account with the broker is deposited in the dedicated account for traders. KYC policy ensures that you have to provide significant information at the time of signup to identify yourself. It might be a little frustrating in the beginning but you will thank the broker for this added layer of safety. You don’t want someone else to use your identity to open an account with the broker and KYC policies are there to prevent such frauds.

Conveniently Start an Account

The broker is serious about making things easy for its traders and a proof of that is the type of accounts that you can choose from. You are not made to pick from only a couple of account types. Instead, the company has designed four different account types to meet the varying requirements of different traders. That’s where you have to admit that RoyalCBank has made things easy for new traders. one of the biggest challenges for new traders is to be able to open an account without putting a lot of money on the line. However, with big initial deposit requirements, many brokers make new traders spend a lot of money right from the start.

When you sign up with RoyalCBank, you will be glad that your initial deposit can be as small as 500 EUR. Once you have deposited that small amount in your account, you are able to access the trading platform and all of its features. You can also trade in the real market with your real money and start making profits right away.

Conveniently Trade to Make Profits

The one thing that many new traders overlook when signing up with a broker is the ability to make money. What they don’t realize is that the broker can prevent them from making lots of profits. Keep in mind that your broker charges you for its services. It is up to the broker to charge you the money in the form of a commission or spreads. The best way for a broker to take money from you is in the form of spreads. Commissions can be huge and they can reduce the final profit you make from your trades. You will be glad to know that RoyalCBank has floating spreads regardless of the type of account you sign up with.

You have the best opportunity to make money in the form of profits when you sign up with RoyalCBank. First, you will not have to give any commissions on your trades and reduce your profits. Secondly, you can enjoy some huge leverages on your trades. Even with the basic account you will be able to get leverages of up to 1:100 on your trades. With the most advanced account type, the leverage can be 1:200. Just imagine the size of the trades you can control when you have such big leverages.

One of the features that are often missing from trading with other brokers is hedging. Hedging is when you can invest in two correlated assets. You want to benefit from the upward movement of the second asset when the other one is going down or vice versa. In this way, you minimize the volume of your loss should you end up with an unsuccessful trade. Hedging is allowed by RoyalCBank regardless of the account type you pick. This makes RoyalCBank one of the most trader friendly brokers out there.

Flexible Banking

Banking is often an issue for new traders because they are not able to deposit funds the way they want. They are often made to pick from one or two of the options that have been allowed by the broker. What you want is a lineup of options to choose your favorite from. You will be pleased to know that RoyalCBank is one of the brokers with the most number of fund deposit options. Yes, you can trade with the conventional methods such as credit cards and bank wire transfers. However, you have some additional and very useful methods available as well.

You can use options like Skrill and Neteller to deposit your money in the account. These are online payment options that are not just quick but also very convenient and safe. That’s not it. You are now being given the option to deposit bitcoins in your account. You don’t have to exchange the bitcoins you have and lose money while exchanging. If you are using a crypto-wallet to store your bitcoins, you can transfer them directly into your online account with the broker. Of course, you can trade bitcoin with RoyalCBank and enjoy some leverage there too.

Training Material and Education

RoyalCBank has put its training material into different categories. You are free to choose the way you want to learn trading. Of course, it is highly recommended that you learn trading before you put your real money on the line. CFD trading is a risky way of investing money just like any other investment method in the world. You don’t have to have any unrealistic expectations from this type of trading. To be rich and become a millionaire, you have to spend countless hours trading successfully and consistently. To stay on top of everything, you need training.

RoyalCBank will train you through eBooks and videos. Videos will be more convenient for you if you don’t have too much time and you want quick and in-depth explanation of everything with visuals. Furthermore, you will be given access to webinars as well. Recently, webinars have proved to be one of the most effective ways of training individuals. Listen to the experts of trading, learn their trading strategies, and ask questions to get the most professional answers.


In a nutshell, RoyalCBank is one of the best online brokers that you can recommend to anyone who is starting a trading career. First of all, the new trader will have the peace of mind of working on a safe platform. Secondly, the trader will not have to encounter difficult initial deposit requirements. Thirdly, RoyalCBank provides huge leverages and flexible trading conditions to make life easy for every trader. It is a happy journey for any trader who joins the RoyalCBank trading platform. Download the trading platform on your smartphone if you think you are ready to start your journey to be a millionaire.