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History of 49s UK Lotto

49's UK Lotto
49’s UK Lotto

49s UK Lotto Limited is a lottery company based in London, UK, which operates the 49’s draw, Irish Lotto Bet, Rapido, and virtual horse and greyhound racing.

The organization was established in 1996 in response to established national lottery launched in the UK in the same year .49 ‘s Limited is funded by LBO’s who subscribe to Satellite Information Services which broadcasts the daily racing program into their shops.

How to play 49’s UK Lotto and when ?

The game is run by the 49’s Limited. The draw is a lottery and is held twice a day:

First draw: there is at 12:49 at noon – where the draw is known lunchtime draw.

Second draw: there is at 17:49 PM – where the draw is known teatime draw.

In each draw, six numbers and one “booster ball” are drawn from the numbers 1 to 49.

The lottery can be played via major betting offices such as Betfred and a new game has been launched called 49s lotto raffle choose a color and 8 numbers match 12 numbers to win £ 20,000.

49s UK lotto raffle winners prizes normal jackpot draw 50 rollover 100 double rollover 150 triple rollover 200 250 quadruple rollover jackpot draw 1000 and 500 raffle prizes for special events 49’s raffle are by region as by many winners and on 22nd November some changes to the lotto raffle watch this space plenty more to come.

In which country is the 49s UK Lotto held ?

United Kingdom

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