What Are Casino and Gambling Affiliate Programs?

Earnings on affiliate programs of the casino – detailed guide

Casino affiliate programs: the subtleties of successful earnings
As in any niche market, gambling has a lot of its nuances. Get here “from the street” is not possible, because the market was a tough competition. You need a thorough preparation, because the scope of Gambling attracts a vast amount of money, you want to scoop out of this lake yourself. Webmasters are not in a hurry to share information, and I’m ready to give the most useful extracts about how the gambling sector works in business and how to behave in order to earn more.

Practically any mistakes can be easily corrected, extracting useful experience and improving their skills. Nevertheless, there are very serious “zalety”, such as superficial knowledge of the niche in which you work. In this case, the webmaster does not understand either psychology, interests, or preferences of his audience and can not offer them what is needed.

As an example, consider sites for adults in the Western market. Here a large mass of people are ready to purchase paid porn content, despite the large amount of free, which is freely available on torrent trackers. Such nuances need to be known, otherwise the earnings on the delta will be insignificant. Similar situations and in gambling.

The overwhelming mass of webmasters, who actively attract customers to online casino sites, never played casinos themselves. Focusing on SEO, they do not try to explore this area. But the most important question to ask yourself is: “Why did the customers choose this game? After all, the probability of winning is much lower than the chance to lose. ” Understanding the psychology of man, what motivates him, his mood is important. You yourself have to become fans of the game, then there will be understanding.

You will feel yourself in the skin of the player at the moment when the slot is pouring 300 credits, 4 times blackjack falls out, or you get an excellent bonus. You will feel the increase of rates 3 times or the loss of the bank. Only this way, through yourself, you will recognize your player.

Ways to make money on casino partnersOne of the best partners in the field of gambling in the Western market is Graham. He receives high incomes with online casinos and their partners, is an experienced webmaster and started his career from the sources.

Having created his site, Graham raised it to a high level with the help of “black” SEO, without even trying to learn the essence of gambling and this niche. In blackjack, he played a couple of times, and also could not understand the psychology of people who spent the night playing poker or slots, planting huge money just for their own pleasure.

Despite the powerful promotion, attendance on Graham’s site fell, and the site itself went down sharply in the tops. Graham’s earnings were not very large at the same time. Not having understood the interests of his Central Asia, he did not understand the motivation, did not find out what motivates them, what makes them want to play.

As a result, the moment came when Graham was tired of counting the pennies. He decided to go deep into this field. For this purpose, the webmaster chose a casino for himself, replenished his deposit and started playing for pleasure, not for earnings. Just to have some fun. And then it dawned on him: Graham understood the essence of the game. Entertainment allowed him to win a small amount, lose it and gradually increasing the stakes to win again, but much more. This win was also lost, but there remains an understanding of the essence. In his attempts, Graham used the most popular schemes of the game, trying through them to understand the motivation and behavior of any casino player.

Now he became the most famous webmaster and his earnings on online casino affiliates is thousands of dollars a month. Through the understanding of his audience, Graham knows how to interest them, making profitable offers. His conclusion is this: even the best SEO will not give good results if the creator of the site does not understand his clients.

Balance and its fluctuations (motivation to continue the game)
Earnings on casino affiliate programs The main trick that acts against newcomers is additional bonuses that force the player to replenish the deposit with decent amounts in the future. In this case, loyalty programs are poorly developed and special privileges do not give, even in the steepest institutions. The possibility of obtaining the status of VIP level client and additional points is a maximum, sometimes there are quite generous bonuses when depositing money for a deposit, which stimulates filling your account more and more often.

If during the game the casino client has reached the zero balance, he will be peppered with offers that will interest the player and return him to the game. This can be money from the casino, which is supported by the promise of bonuses, major gains and other preferences.

It seems that this casino policy is very loyal to the player, but it is not. For a month of playing on bonuses you can earn tens of thousands of banknotes, but in order to recoup you will have to lose the bank, having spent the entire previous win.

This situation must be taken into account so that there are no illusions. Visitors to the casino are also happy to play, while they are convinced that it is cozy and comfortable here, you can easily win a whole lot of money. To achieve a high level of customer loyalty, a casino can spend several months and a lot of money.

Down with the illusion: the realities of earning in gambling
How to make money on a casino affiliate programAny person will perk up when they see information about an increase in the affiliate commission up to $ 2,000 in the early morning. in comparison with 150 for the evening. Wait until the month is over, when the commission will be fixed, and the money from the virtual will become a real profit. We advise you not to track income statistics at this time. Because there will be jumps: the number 10 on your account number with 6 zeros, and a couple of days you are in the red, because players have already recouped.

That feeling, when a couple of thousand dollars formed in the course of the night, is incredibly attractive, but when the money evaporates before your eyes, it’s painful and hurtful. To avoid disappointment, promote offers in those affiliates where there is no possibility of transferring a negative balance. Of the casino partners with whom I work, almost everyone does not tolerate a negative balance for the next period, the top-most I have is: Poshfriends and Game-Revenue. By income in these partners, read in the section of the site “Reports”

Winning big in gambling is absolutely real, but this is the main reason for the “swing”. When a gambler decides to withdraw his winnings, the account can become negative. Let’s show on an example: so, on a site of an online casino simultaneously there are 100 players. They bet constantly, but not big. As a result, the profit from such attendance and intensity will be $ 100. with each. With the arrival of the beginner, everything changes: he breaks the bank. To exit from the minus may take a long months or even years. Do not get involved with casinos, in which the negative balance is transferred to the next month.